Tree Walks

Tree Walks occur about every two months all over Knoxville and are announced on Trees Knoxville event page and Facebook page. Immediately after tree walks, Tree Knoxville has a social at a local establishment near the event.

Summer Solstice Eve Tree Walk

at Mabry Hazen House

June 20, 2019

Trees Knoxville and Mabry Hazen House combined efforts for a very nice evening under the trees. From the historic Magnolias where Evelyn Hazen would read and write, to the recently discovered Dogwood Grove, and to the gigantic Osage Orange that has weathered its fair share of storms, Executive Director and Historian, Patrick Hollis, presented some wonderful tales of Mabry Hazen House and her trees. With 33 different species of trees, Mabry Hazen is an identified Level 1 Arboretum. The event was followed by a social at Last Days of Autumn Brewery.